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    Holiday Sales Opens Up the Battle for Inventory

    Category: E-Commerce

    Retailers are loading up on goods for the holiday sales season in a strong show of confidence that consumer demand will remain high. Even with Delta's disruption, retailers plan on having enough inventory on this year’s expected Black Friday sales event  - so there should be no worries about running…

    5 Nov

    Steven Selikoff. Exclusive Interview

    Category: E-Commerce

    Steven Selikoff is a serial entrepreneur who has been selling to retailers since 2001 and developing products in China since 2005. His products have sold on Amazon, in catalogs, and in retailers all over the world. His products have been on every major morning show, featured in newspapers and magazines…

    1 Nov

    CIF - Cost, Insurance, and Freight

    CIF is the acronym for Cost, Insurance, and Freight. This term is used when a seller wants to include all of these costs in the price they offer to sell their products. It's important for buyers to be aware that this can lead to extra charges on top of what…

    26 Oct

    What is Amazon FBA and why does it matter?

    It's no secret that Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. With over 300 million active customers, it offers billions of products to choose from in some categories.  But what you may not know is that Amazon also has an Amazon FBA program which stands for fulfillment by…

    8 Oct

    Forecast for record volume growth for the next years in containers at U.S. ports

    The busiest ports in the United States are expecting more containers as manufacturers and retailers look to replenish depleted inventories. The crush of goods coming is expected to continue beyond next year's Lunar New Year in February due to the deep levels at which they're arriving right now, meaning there…

    29 Sep

    Is This The Future of the Trucking Industry?

    The proposed legislation to test letting 18-year-olds drive big rigs interstate is exposing a divide in the trucking sector, where companies are having trouble finding workers for such jobs. The Senate approved a new provision in the infrastructure bill to set up a pilot program that would allow 18-20-year-olds across…

    13 Sep

    If you are an Amazon seller, you must know this! DDP and Why It Matters.

    When it comes to shipping from China, as a seller based in this country, you need Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) - the Amazon FBA requirement for sellers. In general, Delivered duty paid means that a seller delivers goods when they are placed at the buyer's disposal, cleared of import on…

    2 Sep

    Izabela Hamilton. Exclusive Interview

    Category: E-Commerce

    Izabela Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of RankBell, a brand accelerator that supports Amazon businesses in reaching 7 and 8 figures by driving organic keyword ranking and optimization. Hamilton founded Rankbell, a boutique Amazon concierge specializing in helping sellers grow their businesses due to his determination to succeed. Beginning…

    19 Aug

    It's a big mistake! Dimensional weight and why you should know about it.

    Some sellers may not know the importance of considering a product's size and its dimensional weight. A common misconception among novice sellers is that lighter products are cheaper to ship because they weigh less, but this couldn't be more wrong! The delivery of your product can be costly, so make…

    17 Aug

    Brandon Young. Exclusive Interview

    Category: E-Commerce

    Brandon Young at Seller Systems is a recognized Amazon expert and consultant, known for his in-depth knowledge of the ranking algorithm and ability to create data-based processes for FBA businesses. He and his wife are on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. Their lives were forever changed when they founded Global…

    13 Aug