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    Amazon to test facial recognition technology to verify seller identity

    As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the need for better security measures. To that end, online retailer giant Amazon is testing out new facial recognition technology to help verify the identities of its sellers. Prospective sellers in the U.S. can now opt to participate in a voluntary test of…

    23 Nov

    amazon sellers can catch a falling knife: how low will container markets go?

    Time is everything ,it's less then a week till October - please do not miss the opportunity to get advantage of low shipping costs and stock up the inventory in Ardi Express 3PL for the Q4 . The cost incurred to ship a 40-foot container to the West Coast in…

    27 Sep

    Prime Air: Amazon officially rolls out drone delivery to customers

    It's official. After years of development announcements, Amazon will be rolling out delivery by drone for Prime customers in areas of California and Texas. While that's a small slice of customers, for now, this news couldn't be more important for the commercial drone sector, which has been gathering tons of momentum over…

    26 Aug

    Peak shipping season ahead of the holidays is about to begin

    Traditional peak season for ocean shipping begins in August. Ocean spot rates for U.S. trade route are up 2%, to $8,423. A decline that Amazon sellers  were seeing in ocean spot rates and in premium surcharges across many trade routes as demand for containers softened has reversed, with congestion at…

    12 Aug

    What parties are involved in the chain of transport?

    When it comes to the transportation of goods by sea, four major parties are involved in the supply chain. There may be some lack of understanding about each's role in the logistics chain answer know it is important to understand how each party engages in the global shipping process. Let’s…

    26 Nov

    CIF - Cost, Insurance, and Freight

    CIF is the acronym for Cost, Insurance, and Freight. This term is used when a seller wants to include all of these costs in the price they offer to sell their products. It's important for buyers to be aware that this can lead to extra charges on top of what…

    26 Oct