You have realized your dream and opened an enterprise, but you stumbled upon how to ship a consignment from China to India to sell it there. The freight forwarder takes care of your problems.

How to Ship from China

Many aspiring businesspersons and already experienced entrepreneurs avoid using a transportation service because they consider it unreasonably expensive. After all, manufacturers don’t always require a full load, sometimes they need to ship a small consignment. For such situations ARDI offers a variety of options:

  • LCL is suitable when small shipments are sent. They don’t need a full container, so they take up only part of it, while the rest of the space goes to other manufacturers. Disadvantages: the company does not select a place in the container for its cargo; it takes time for the container to fill up. This option is not suitable for pressed-for-time clients, but it is much cheaper. If you are in a hurry, you can make arrangements with small business acquaintances and rent a container together to make it faster;

  • LTL – means the same thing, only using vehicles instead of ships;

  • DDP. The importer will be comfortable with this option when he receives his merchandise at a predetermined location. He is relieved of all the complications of customs clearance and shipment tracking, he just needs to receive the shipment. It is expensive, but the prospective seller saves time. The important aspect here is to pick the right seller, who deals with all the issues. He must be a professional, otherwise, you risk losing a supply;

  • DDU. This process means risk sharing between the exporter and importer, each fulfilling its part of the obligation. This approach is cheaper and the responsibility is shared equally. If both parties have confidence in each other, the DDU is an excellent choice – the seller handles the documentation on his side when sending the package, and the buyer when receiving it.

Depending on whether you are a buyer or seller, as well as on the number of products sent, the customer picks a convenient way. The choice is also influenced by the required documentation and labeling. When you are in doubt, our specialists assist you in selecting the best way.

Import Customs Clearance In India

When the customer determines the method of shipment, it is essential to understand the nuances of customs clearance. In shipping cargo, this knowledge is one of the crucial points, therefore choosing a trusted carrier is so vital. We are professionals, so we know the peculiarities of this trade route:

  • Customs clearance documentation in this country is complicated;

  • There is no free trade agreement between the two countries, so the tax must be paid;

  • Before shipping, the client needs to make sure his items are not subject to special restrictions of the country of importation. Wild animals and things produced from them are banned from importation.

To carry out export-import activities, enterprises must provide a bundle of documents. These are various commercial documents and rulings from various regulatory agencies (including excise, licensing, and export promotion agencies) that assist in making use of export and import benefits. Also, an important point is the labeling of products – the country of production, name, weight, production date, expiration date, and so on must be spelled out.

Import Tax And Duties

In this country, the existing customs regulations are following the export-import policy. In addition to customs duties, a handling fee of 1% is levied. The following duties must be paid at the time of importation:

  • BCD – the first thing to pay is Basic Customs Duty, it’s a standard tax rate;

  • IGST. India levies an Integrated Goods and Services Tax from the Interstate Goods and Services Centre. Imports of products and services are treated as interstate supplies, and IGST is levied on imports into the country. To streamline the tax collection system, a special goods and services network was created to provide a common IT infrastructure for central governments, state governments, and taxpayers. All kinds of taxes can be filed through the network;

  • Anti-dumping duty – if a seller tries to import a package into the country at below-market prices, it will be considered dumping.

For certain groups of products (alcohol, tea, coffee), there may be individual taxes or different interest rates, so the seller should clarify these points in advance to avoid conflict situations and additional sanctions.

What is the Best Way to Ship from China to India?

 When a businessman needs to ship merchandise, the two most important aspects for him are the safety of the load and the speed of delivery. Next goes the complexity of paperwork and cost. That’s why a shipping agent from China to India is the finest choice for business. A first-class transportation company handles all the difficulties of transportation while helping with the execution of the necessary documents. If you’re expecting an item in India, but you have problems with the shipper, ARDI Express will mediate, resolving all issues.

Freight forwarders also help businesses select the most profitable option for transporting packages, as companies can be confused about the cost and speed of various methods.

Air Freight

The most important advantage of airfreight is speed. No matter how the maritime industry develops, superfast ships have not yet been invented, so the airplane is still unbeatable. When the customer needs express service, the plane brings all the goods within 1-2 days. There are no obstacles in the air to circumvent. The second indisputable advantage is the safety of the cargo. If you secure the containers inside, the absence of damage in flight is guaranteed. Third, the aircraft provides a huge load, allowing you to transport a large consignment at once.

All methods have disadvantages. Air freight forwarder from China to India costs more than by sea. There is a list of items not available for air transportation (exotic animals, drugs). Despite the high speed of the flight, weather conditions can postpone it indefinitely, and the importer still fails to receive the package in the shortest possible time.

Another disadvantage is the connection to the airport – you cannot bring the goods by plane to the godforsaken village, where there is no runway.

Sea Freight Shipping Container

If the customer wants to save money not needing items urgently, it is better to use transportation by sea. It is the cheapest, but a client has to wait a couple of weeks for a shipment.

The ship has no restrictions like an airplane – it transports cargo of any size and weight. It is not as dependent on weather conditions as an airplane, but they also affect the speed of arrival in port.

If a client needs to transport cargo from China to India that a plane can’t take, or the shipment is small and there is no point in overpaying, we advise turning to sea freight.

Door-To-Door Delivery

For traders who prioritize safety and a 100% quality guarantee, there is door-to-door delivery, characterized by a higher delivery speed. In this case, the carrier takes full responsibility for executing the necessary documents. He is also responsible for the cargo itself. This is the most profitable option for the recipient – as in the usual DDP, he pays the money and waits for his goods, without worrying about anything. His business is to call ARDI Express and make a one-time payment. No need to stress about the cargo or expect extra charges.

What is required from the shipper: to pick up the container and deliver it to the port, to pay customs and additional emerging charges. Such turnkey delivery is convenient for companies who do not want to go into all the nuances or understand taxes and paperwork. It is perfect for people who don’t want to waste their time on something that should be entrusted to specialists.


If you want premium service, turn to professionals in the shipping business. Our experience for many years guarantees you fast and hassle-free delivery not distracting you from your business.

ARDI Express is the right company for you if you want to be sure of the quality of delivery to your chosen Amazon warehouse. We provide not only regular but also express shipping from China to India if you’re on a deadline and can’t afford to wait.

If you need delivery to a private warehouse – our company helps you with this too. We also give you the opportunity to track your shipment all the way through. Regardless of the method chosen by the customer, our specialists guarantee high quality and safety. If a company doubts which method is best suited to its situation, ARDI Express will help you choose the best one in terms of speed and cost.

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