Asia is becoming an increasingly attractive region for imports every year, and Vietnam is one of the most popular countries. In the coming years, economic growth raises the welfare of the population and strengthen the middle class.

It opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, but you need to know how to do it correctly and how to choose a freight forwarder from China to Vietnam. Below, we’ll share with you all the tips and prompts.

How to Ship

If the entrepreneur is confident in the choice of the segment, he needs to choose the way of delivery. Transport is the first choice. Air or sea freight – depends on the cargo and the desired speed of arrival of the package in the country. If sea transportation is chosen, you need to decide on the way:

  • A full container load is used when one supplier occupies an entire container. No matter the size or weight of the shipment, it has no neighbors. The advantage is that the customer is always sure that there won’t be others next to his package that can damage it. There is no need to wait for additional loading by other suppliers – the transport starts on its way immediately. It’s more expensive than splitting the rent with other providers but faster and safer. For people with tight deadlines this is a great way out;

  • Consignors of small shipments, who have no reason to rent a whole one, choose Less Container Load. Shippers save money, but they will have to wait for the goods – they transport leaves only full-loaded. You have to keep in mind that there may be problems along the way – someone else’s products can ruin yours. In Vietnam, this type takes up to three days to unload, but this way is the cheapest;

  • Delivery with payment of duty is an ideal method for importers, applicable to any transport. All responsibility in this case lies with the seller, who sends the shipment. He handles all the paperwork and then tells the buyer the time of arrival. The seller has to understand all the points of shipping and paperwork. Both parties must decide who bears the cost of cargo insurance and specify it in the contract;

  • Distribution of risks between the supplier and customers is usually used for small and inexpensive parcels. This method divides responsibility equally, which reduces the risk of failure. In this case, the sender handles the shipping documentation and the recipient handles the required import documentation. This reduces costs for the buyer and responsibility for the seller.

If the customer is hesitant about the choice, ARDI Express professionals are ready to determine the ideal option, based on the wishes of the client, the cargo, and the timing. For people with urgent deadlines, we have an express delivery service, so we’ll satisfy any customer’s wishes.

Import Customs Clearance

This country has long ceased to be invisible in the market. Now is the perfect time for importers to enter the Vietnamese market, especially since it does not require an import license to trade. However, to sell these items in the future, an importer must obtain a trade license. If an entrepreneur does not want to register a legal entity in this country, he can seek help from local registered importers.

Those who enter the market for the first time, to see if it is worth it, usually choose this method. It is also an idea for sellers who do not have time to draw up documents. It is easier for a local importer to do the paperwork in his language than for a foreigner.

Businesspersons have to clarify whether their goods are subject to restrictions. Some items are additionally taxed, and tobacco or newspapers cannot be imported at all. Imported goods undergo a standard customs clearance, with specialists checking that the package corresponds to what is declared in the documents. Some things must be inspected.

If you plan to sell medications, they must pass all necessary inspections and contain instructions duplicated in the local language.

Importers have to provide a number of certificates and other documents on request, but if you have no desire to figure it out, just turn to professionals.

Import Tax And Duties

The standard rate is 10%, but varies depending on the product – it may be higher or it may be zero. In trade relations with Vietnam, China applies most-favored-nation treatment, so it can count on preferential rates. It does not apply to all goods, so it is always worth checking tariffs in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Import duty declarations are required when making customs declarations and must be paid before receiving the parcel. Be careful! All documents must be in English or Vietnamese!

Ship from China to the Vietnam: The Best Way

If you want everything to go without a hitch, choose a verified freight forwarder from China to Vietnam. Our experts are ready to help you select the best way in your case. If the customer needs express delivery – we can arrange it. If the client needs the most budget route – we will find it.

Air Freight

Suppliers of standard goods that are not subject to restrictions can take advantage of shipping from China to Vietnam by plane. This is the most expensive option, but in the right weather conditions, the shipment will be in place in 24 hours.  Air freight is considered the safest –exception for air pits, nothing disturbs the load. Another plus is that cargo weighing several tons can be shipped.

In addition to being expensive and dependent on weather conditions, the disadvantages of air transportation include the inability to deliver from door to door. It requires selecting a place with an airport and using other transport from the plane, which is not always convenient. Moreover, fragile materials, poisons, or chemicals are not allowed to be transported by air.

Sea Freight Shipping Container

Transportation by sea is easier. This reduces costs, and the client will be pleased with the availability of transportation by sea of absolutely any cargo from China to Vietnam. Things like oil and gas can be carried exclusively by sea.

If the ship does not sink or is not attacked by sea pirates, the goods are safe. As with the airplane choice, the consignment needs to be securely fixed to avoid damage. Also, in the case of door-to-door, additional transportation is needed because the ship fails to come directly to the warehouse.

Maritime shipments are versatile, with the only significant disadvantage being that they take longer. If a company has no deadlines, we recommend this option.

Door-To-Door Delivery

If the client does not care about the cost, and his main criteria will be speed and convenience, we offer this option. The freight forwarder takes all the responsibility and all the complications. He draws up the necessary documents without wasting the customer’s time. The sender brings the container to the port, and from there it will be delivered to the recipient’s pre-selected warehouse.

A thorough bill of lading, covering shipping costs is used in such shipments. There will be no extra costs, the entrepreneur pays for the service in advance. He does not have to track down the stages of transportation either. ARDI Express takes care of the rest of the processes from the moment of application. He has an opportunity to watch for status updates in his personal account, waiting for a call from the courier who brings him his products.

By using the door-to-port route, there may be a risk of damage or loss of the shipment while it is traveling from the port. Door-to-door, we secure merchandise throughout the entire journey. This is the ideal option for those who value their time, not want to waste it on studying the tax rates or the peculiarities of the customs of each country.


Regardless of which option and transport you choose, you’ll need a reliable transportation company you trust. ARDI Express is a trustworthy shipping agent from China to Vietnam. We are rapidly developing to provide our customers with the ideal transportation options, becoming more cost-effective and faster every day. Efficient logistics solutions may seem difficult to others, but for us, it’s a breeze.

Our experience and employees, are always willing to help you find the greatest possible solution – that’s what we are rightfully proud of. Turning to our company, you are always confident in the transparency of our transactions. No artificially inflated prices and selecting a more expensive fare – only honesty and desire to help. In addition to the timely provision of the necessary documents, we also consult you in case of any questions. A separate source of pride is our freight forwarders, whose expertise and experience make it possible to transport goods safely and securely.

You may contact us by phone, e-mail, or come to the office in person. We guarantee you the most convenient and profitable way of delivery to the Amazon warehouse of your choice.


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