Warehousing and Distribution

warehousing and distribution centresE-commerce indicators are rapidly increasing from year to year. Sellers tend to delegate logistics in order to save time and concentrate on the development of sales and promotion of the product on the market. ARDI Express offers to use a comprehensive service in which the operator assumes responsibility for receiving goods, warehousing and distribution.

Value proposition

Transport and logistics costs affect the formation of the cost of goods for the consumer. Therefore, reducing the cost of warehousing and distribution services allows you to make the cost of goods more attractive. Becoming a client of ARDI Express, you will not need to spend your budget on renting warehouse space and processing orders.

Due to the use of modern technologies, the seller gets a unique opportunity to reduce the costs of cargo logistics and get a guarantee of increasing the speed of delivery. FBA warehouse distribution logistics is recognized as an ideal platform for the development of e-commerce. By outsourcing processes, a business owner can concentrate on scaling it up. It includes making business relationships with dealers, developing marketing activities, tracking promotions from the manufacturer.

ARDI Express assumes full responsibility for the movement of products, including the management of orders and inventory, the organization of goods shipments, the processing of returns.

Key characteristic

Outsourcing logistics helps not only to optimize business processes, but also to significantly expand geographical coverage. ARDI Express will help to set up cost-effective cargo delivery anywhere in the world. If you are planning to expand exports to the international level, we will be glad to see you among the clients of our company.

What types of services our clients can use:

  • implementation of developments of commodity flow management systems;

  • organization of storage of goods;

  • provision of customs clearance and cargo insurance services;

  • document management;

  • formation of consolidated cargoes in one direction;

  • packaging and labeling;

  • transportation of all types of cargo, including bulky, dangerous and those ones that are requiring special transportation conditions.

If you need to reduce the cost of production by reducing the expenses of warehousing and distribution centers, please, contact us. Our employees will take over the organization of all logistics processes, giving you the opportunity to focus on business development.

ARDI Express has experience in the management of logistics processes, so the work is brought to automatism. The risks for customers are reduced, and cargo loss is excluded. The place where the customer’s goods will be stored is endowed with a unique code, which is used to search for the product if necessary.

The use of a warehouse and distribution center allows to process a large volume of goods of various nomenclature. Automation of warehouse accounting permits to reduce the risks of loss of accurate identification of products and maintain the speed of operations at the proper level. Thanks to modern technologies, warehouse accounting is integrated into the commodity distribution system.


Warehousing and distribution company successfully copes with such tasks: record keeping of different batch volumes, accounting for the deadline of submitting applications and monitoring their implementation, tracking the inventory level. Employees use a unified product accounting system and document all processes related to warehouse logistics.

Using the Warehouse Management System (WMS) facilitates solving the tasks set. With the help of modern technologies, operators Amazon warehousing and distribution can control any of them. Thanks to WMS, any logistics processes are automated. As a result, logistics services begin to work more productively.

The task from the system for moving goods goes to the operator. The necessary information is entered into the existing database using barcodes. The virtual platform allows finding out at any time which product is located on a certain pallet, and where it is moving.

Modern technologies make it possible to increase the efficiency of supply chains. In the long term, it will affect the reduction of logistics costs. Supply chain management depends, among other things, on the introduction of automation and the use of robots to solve warehouse tasks.

Robotization of Amazon warehouses does not involve the modernization of all equipment. However, logistics processes are simplified by using machines with artificial intelligence. It is believed that the probability of error is reduced, and the amount of work can be significantly increased.

Customer support

The provision of logistics services is the main activity of ARDI Express. The company is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service. Our advantages are:

  • reliability – the ability of the service system to perform all tasks while maintaining the specified characteristics;

  • competence – employees have work experience that allows them to guarantee that there is no risk for sellers of goods;

  • accessibility – every client has the opportunity to use the company’s services at a convenient time and at an affordable price;

  • flexibility – the ability to take into account the interests of each client when organizing logistics processes;

  • use of modern technologies helps to optimize processes in warehouses and distribution centers;

  • competitive prices for services;

  • fast order processing – within 24 hours from the moment of receipt to warehouse;

  • taking into account individual customer requests (urgent deliveries, storage and dispatch to the buyer of oversized cargo or goods requiring special transportation conditions).

ARDI Express strives to provide exceptional service and support in any matters to each client.

Price formation

The cost of the company’s services depends on the terms of cooperation. The price varies taking into account the duration of goods storage and the volume of cargo, on which the occupied space in the warehouse depends. The price also includes a fixed payment for order processing, packaging and labeling, inspection of goods. ARDI Express is engaged in customs clearance and preparation of all necessary documentation for shipment. You will also need to pay a commission for it.

Additional fees are provided for processing urgent orders or performing work related to special customer requests. The approximate cost of services can be obtained by contacting the logistics company’s employees by phone or by making an online application. The exact cost will be known only after signing the contract for the provision of services.

How to become a client

As sales grow, there is a need to scale warehouse processes. ARDI Express employees have the necessary knowledge, experience and capabilities to process orders of different volumes and at any time. The company guarantees that an individual approach will be found to each client.

The company’s specialists are always in touch and ready to answer any questions. Leave requests by e-mail specified on the website. Your request will be given attention, and you will definitely receive feedback in the near future. The operators will explain the terms of cooperation and agree on the time for the execution of the contract. Entrust the management of logistics processes to ARDI Express and engage in the development of your business.


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