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Under the abbreviation 3PL, which is actively used in the international classification of the logistics sector, it is customary to consider a whole range of provided services. They include not only shipping and distribution, but also picking orders, packaging, warehousing, tracking, inventory management strategies.

Literally, the term refers to outsourcing logistics services or “third-party logistics”. This signifies that the 3PL- operator appears between the owner of the goods and the buyer. The provider is responsible for fulfillment of warehouse and transport logistics operations. Provider is distinguished by a deep immersion in the business processes of its clients.

Warehousing is considered the main function of a 3PL provider. The owner of the goods does not manage their inventory and does not deal with their distribution. The seller outsources supply chain management.

The service has been in demand in recent years, when the turnover of e-commerce is more than half a trillion dollars. And the figure is constantly growing. It is necessary to develop warehouse logistics for optimizing business processes. The income of the seller directly depends on the established supply chain. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable company that can be entrusted with the management of logistics operations. 3pl warehouse NJ offers to take advantage of extensive areas for supply chain organizations.

State of the Art Warehouse Technology

A well-established provider in the logistics services market should monitor compliance with accepted standards. The emergence of innovations in the industry is caused by an increase in technological processes. Logistics chain management involves the use of:

  • programs and applications for inventory control;
  • warehouse management systems;
  • robot loaders;
  • M2M;
  • automated platforms and product storage systems;
  • vehicles with automated control;
  • web portals for tracking;
  • barcode scanning systems.

Amazon’s New Jersey / New York warehouse in the USA has the latest technical equipment. It employs more than 100 thousand people. In addition, the maintenance of the areas is carried out with the help of modern robots, which significantly speed up warehouse processes. Before taking outsourcing orders, 3PL provider mastered the platform for the smooth functioning of e-commerce.

Saving Money With 3PL Warehouse ARDI EXPRESS

When an entrepreneur plans to partner with an outsourcing logistics company, he must be prepared for various unexpectedness. Weak points can be identified in any business. However it is important to remember that by signing a cooperation agreement, 3PL company assumes responsibility for the organization of shipping and other logistics processes. The owner of the goods is released from liability. It is a guarantee that the seller will not face unforeseen expenses when arranging deliveries to the buyer.

Using the services of 3PL warehouse in New Jersey / New York, entrepreneurs will be able to significantly save material resources due to:

  • efficiency of storage facilities;

  • flexibility of logistics systems;

  • expertise that is used to manage the supply chain;

  • productivity.

Cooperation with 3PL provider Amazon allows you not to worry about staffing the warehouse. In addition, large logistics companies regularly change their warehouse equipment to more modern ones. If sellers of goods organize the supply chain on their own, they will have to bear these costs.

Companies that can offer to use the whole range of 3PL logistics services have the opportunity to organize the transportation of goods in the most efficient ways. Mutually beneficial cooperation will allow you to save a significant amount of money.


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