Cross Docking Warehouse

cross docking warehouseCross-docking is a logistics approach that has recently gained popularity. It does not involve warehouse storage: as soon as the goods are unloaded from one vehicle, they are immediately reloaded into another. No extra waste of time. This approach helps to shorten the supply chain and free up a significant amount of time and money. Here we look at cross-docking, its benefits, and how ARDI Express uses it to improve its services.

What is Cross Docking?

Cross-docking is a transportation method in which goods are moved directly from the cross-dock to the shipping dock. This process involves a short-term stay of the goods in the warehouse or does not involve storage at all. Thus, the time for sorting is significantly reduced, and the efficiency of logistics processes is significantly increased. That is why this logistics approach is gaining popularity among many companies of various sizes.

The main goal of cross-docking is to minimize the time spent in the warehouse and speed up delivery. Companies can reduce storage costs and the risk of product damage and deterioration by eliminating the warehousing requirement. Cross-docking is especially beneficial for bulky and perishable goods, as long-term storage can lead to problems or waste.

Cross-docking can be divided into many categories. In one situation, incoming goods from multiple sources are combined into outbound deliveries. Another approach is to split large shipments into smaller ones to simplify distribution. Cross-docking can also involve categorizing things or routing them to different addresses.

When is Cross Docking Performed?

Cross-docking is performed under several circumstances, including the following:

The driver is early to their retailer appointment

Sometimes, a driver may arrive at a docking center earlier than the scheduled appointment time. Cross-docking transfers products from an incoming truck to an outgoing truck, eliminating the need for storage.

The driver misses a retail appointment

When a driver doesn’t show up for a scheduled retail appointment, it can cause delays and disruptions in the supply chain. However, in such cases, cross-docking can provide a solution. Unloading and loading take place at the same time, which avoids problems with possible lateness of the driver and non-fulfillment of agreements.

The carrier is not a preferred logistics partner

In some cases, the carrier responsible for the missed appointment may not be the retailer’s preferred logistics partner. In such situations, cross-docking can still be utilized to transfer the goods to an outbound truck of a preferred carrier, ensuring that the goods are handled by a trusted and reliable logistics provider.

The trailer is loaded in reverse

If the trailer is being loaded in reverse, cross-docking can quickly move loads into the outbound truck without additional transport. In this case, you can promptly ship goods from one truck and load them into another. Pay attention to the way the trailer is sent because this is an essential factor in this case.

The load is not acceptable to the retailer

If a load is not acceptable to a retailer, cross-docking can be used to quickly transfer the goods to another outbound truck.

Products that are available for cross-docking

Not all products can be delivered using cross-docking. Some products require special handling conditions, such as refrigeration or special packaging. In short, products with a long shelf life are perfect for this delivery method.

Benefits of using ARDI Express Cross Docking Service

At ARDI Express, cross-docking is a vital part of the logistics strategy. Our company offers cross-docking services to customers in the US and worldwide, helping to make cargo transportation more efficient and profitable. Some of the benefits of using ARDI Express cross-docking services include the following:

  • Cross-docking reduces the need to store goods in warehouses, which reduces transport costs: there is no longer a need to rent warehouses for a long time and hire employees to monitor the goods.

  • Flexibility: ARDI Express cross-docking services can be customized to suit each client’s specific needs. ARDI Express can develop a solution that meets its needs and take responsibility for all possible nuances and unforeseen circumstances.

  • Reduce transit time: 3pl cross-docking can help minimize transit time and increase shipping speed. This will give you a huge profit in the eyes of customers because today’s time is very valuable. And buyers do not want to spend on a long wait for the product.

  • Save money on transport costs: this will help reduce the final cost of the product and attract the loyalty of buyers. Due to the combination of different delivery methods, it is possible to significantly reduce costs.

  • Improve business strategy due to optimization of delivery processes. For the sake of flexibility and economy, you will be able to adjust your own strategy and make the business more profitable.

The introduction of ARDI Express cross-docking services increases efficiency, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction. This logistics method allows businesses to increase their profits by optimizing their supply chains.


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