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ARDI Express. Cargo & freight forwarding
from China to Amazon

ARDI Express is a one-stop solution for all e-commerce sellers!


ARDI Express is a well-known company in the field of shipping from China to Amazon FBA in the US. We provide fast shipping services from major industrial regions of China to Amazon warehouse of your choice.

At each stage of delivery of cargo to the Amazon FBA warehouse, we provide full informational support. Moreover, you can track your cargo in a special section of our website.

We also provide express air delivery services to Amazon. Choose this service if you need to quickly replenish the stocks in the Amazon FBA warehouse.

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    ARDI Express has its own inspectors in every province in China.
    We provide the best quality control services for your product.
    We also offer verification of the manufacturer before placing an order for a batch of goods.

    How it works:
    • We agree on the terms of reference with the client
    • We confirm the cost, duration and date of the inspection
    • We carry out an inspection online, with the ability to ask questions, take photos and videos – we provide a written report on the inspection done


    ARDI Express – LA warehouse services
    • Storage
    • Cross-docking
    • Labeling
    • Fulfillment
    • All other services need by request


    Perfect location:
    near ONT8/ONT9/LAX9 Amazon FBA
    Fast services
    Fast and professional
    Reasonable prices:
    no hidden fees
    Privacy: your goods
    information well be in safe

    ARDI Express is a well-known cargo express shipping company specializing in the fast delivery of goods to Amazon warehouses in the US from China. Our experts will provide reliable delivery of your goods at affordable prices.


    Types of freight services

    Our company provides the following freight services:

    • Freight forwarding. The freight forwarder is the intermediary between the seller and the client. It communicates with carriers and plays an essential role in tripartite cargo delivery operations.

    • Ocean & Sea Freight Forwarder. This type of delivery involves escorting cargo from port to port.

    • Door-to-door sea Freight Forwarder. This service guarantees that the goods will be picked up and delivered to the address specified by the end buyer.

    • LCL Shipping. Payment is charged for the space occupied by the cargo and not for the entire container. The rest of the area is filled with goods from other companies — a good option for delivering small consignments.

    • LTL Shipping. This type of delivery also involves payment for the volume occupied by the cargo. The difference is that the term LCL (less-than-container) is more often used in the field of sea transportation, and LTL (less-than-truckload) – in the field of land transportation.

    • DDP Shipment. This contract assumes that the seller is responsible for the costs of taxes, insurance, and duties.

    • DDU Shipment. This delivery type means the customer pays all necessary taxes and customs fees.

    Our cargo freight company experts will ensure that your goods are delivered to the right place quickly and safely. Tracking of your cargo is available at every stage.


    Logistics & Warehouse Services

    We also carry out cargo storage and offer the following:

    • Forwarding includes drayage ( delivery over a short distance), cargo unloading, palletizing, labeling, cross-docking, etc.

    • Storage of goods in a warehouse with an area of 51,000 sq.m. The warehouse is designed for more than 3,000+ places.

    • E-com performance with the provision of an individual account and IPI integration of your store.

    • Counting, marking, and packaging products.

    • Fast global shipping.

    And many more services to help your business!


    International Cargo Shipping Company

    ARDI Express is an international freight forwarder company that will quickly and reliably deliver your cargo by land, sea, and air. We offer individual logistics solutions for each client to achieve the most effective result.

    We provide fast and safe delivery of goods from China to:

    • USA

    • Australia

    • Canada

    • Europe

    • Great Britain

    You do not need to worry about anything: highly-qualified specialists of our cargo delivery service will do it for you. By contacting us, you can be sure that your products will be safe and sound at their destination at the right time. And you will surely be satisfied with our price list.