Services of third-party companies are used by businesses that want to delegate the tasks of warehousing, order processing, transportation, and other logistical duties. Ardi Express is engaged in a wide range of logistics services and will help your business process orders and deliver goods.

3PL – Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider in California

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) is a logistics service that involves delegating part of the operations to a third party (a logistics company). The 3PL provider provides its own resources to solve the problems of transportation, storage, and other logistics issues. It is the most successful solution for small and medium-sized businesses that do not have enough of their own resources to organize all the processes for the preparation, storage, and delivery of goods on their own.

State of the Art Warehouse Technology

Adri Express is a well-known 3PL company that complies with all quality standards in its industry. We take responsibility for all the processes needed to safely store, label, and transport your products to Amazon warehouses in California.

Our service has:

  • Modern software for tracking your cargo.
  • A warehouse that can store lots of goods of various sizes.
  • Delivery by land, air, and sea transport.
  • Automated systems for picking and labeling goods.

Entrusting us with your cargo, you can be sure that we will take care of everything. Your goods will be packed, carefully prepared for shipment, and quickly delivered to their destination.


A third-party logistics company will save you a lot. Ardi Express is an eCommerce fulfillment company and provides all necessary logistics services.

When using the services of 3pl warehouse in Los Angeles, you can not worry about the problems that may arise: we will solve them. Ardi Express takes responsibility for all logistics tasks: proper goods storage, shipment preparation, and transportation to the destination.

It also means that you will not have to incur additional costs: all contingencies (if any) are paid by the company.

Also, you do not have to rent a warehouse, hire staff, communicate with carriers, etc. It will allow you to optimize costs, reduce the cost of goods and make a commercial offer more profitable for your customers and partners.

We find an individual way of transportation for each of our clients. Your shipment will be sorted, labeled, and shipped by land, air, or sea from China to the USA.

Using 3PL in Los Angeles is a great solution, thanks to which your business will grow faster and bring more income. Experienced employees of Ardi Express will do everything so that you can save your time and money without worrying about the safety of your goods.


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