PREP CENTERAmazon takes high places in the e-commerce rankings. For starting mutually beneficial cooperation you need to understand the established requirements of the platform. The services are provided by a modern prep center, where goods undergo all the necessary preparation for shipment in accordance with the accepted rules. ARDI Express provides customer support at all stages and helps to avoid violations. Thanks to the experience and knowledge in the organization of retail work, they help to optimize the processes that affect compliance with delivery deadlines. By entrusting all warehouse services to a reliable logistics company, the client will be able to focus on product development strategies.

Value proposition

For using the services of the Amazon platform, you need to monitor the packaging and labeling of the goods in accordance with the approved requirements. If they are ignored, the cargo will be returned back or asked to repackage it. For it, the client may be charged money. Violation of the rules of the platform may cause refusal of a specific delivery or termination of cooperation. FBA Prep and Ship Centre gives customers the opportunity to save time on the organization of warehouse processes and increase sales.

How the work on the MBA program is organized:

  1. Certain items of goods are purchased from the manufacturer and sent to the Amazon warehouse.

  2. Storage of products in the warehouse is carried out until the seller has a decision to redirect them somewhere.

  3. Warehouse workers organize the shipment immediately after receiving information about the destination from the owner of the goods.

ARDI Express takes care of all aspects of logistics processes: from cargo collection and customs clearance to guaranteed safe transportation. The team of professionals is ready to take into account the individual preferences of customers in their work: the urgency of sending, processing large batches and small parcels to any destination around the world. Depending on the allocated budget, different transportation options are available to choose from. Prep Center for Amazon is the best opportunity to improve the operational efficiency of your business.

Key Features

Interaction with the Prep Center guarantees assistance to the seller in creating shipments to Amazon. Depending on the client’s request, the company’s employees will either give advice on optimizing the shipment, or completely go through this process themselves without the client’s participation.

Becoming a client of FBA Prep Center, you will have the following advantages:

  1. Well-established work helps to avoid delays in deliveries. ARDI Express guarantees that the cargo will not be returned back. Taking into account the requirements of packaging and labeling standards affects the optimization of logistics processes in practice.

  2. Saving time on packaging, that is due to timely preparation of goods for shipment is arranged. The cargo will be shipped on time, despite the holiday dates and days of sales.

  3. The client does not need to organize a special place for storing and processing the goods. There is no need to allocate space for boxes, wraps, label stickers.

  4. Optimization of business processes occurs due to the fulfillment of orders in the shortest possible time. Thanks to it, customers can scale sales and develop marketing strategies.

  5. Savings on consumables for labeling and packaging are provided. Labels are printed on a special printer. There is no need to purchase it. All the worries related to the preparation of the shipment cargo are taken over by Amazon Prep Center.

The time of cargo handling is important, because the goods must be promptly delivered to customers. On average, it takes from 24-48 hours to prepare a product on Amazon FBA Prep Center. The warehouse meets all the necessary requirements: round-the-clock availability and modern technological support.

Cooperation with Prep Center involves the provision of inspection services. Checking the goods will help reduce the risk of defective products and their return by the buyer. It includes an inspection of the goods in order to ensure its safety and the absence of constituent elements.

If the product was returned to the Prep Center due to the buyer’s refusal, employees can change the packaging and eliminate minor flaws. The seller will be able to put the product up for sale again.

Price formation

It is difficult to name the exact cost of services. It usually varies depending on the dimensions of the cargo, its storage conditions during transportation. FBA Prep Center does not charge a fixed fee for each product, it will be calculated individually for each client. Additionally, you need to pay for services such as storage of goods, labeling, cargo inspection. By entrusting us with the management of logistics processes, each client gets the opportunity to take advantage of favorable conditions for their business.

For the calculation of fees, various service provision is taken into account:

  • warehouse order processing;

  • packaging (at the request of the client, additional packaging can be made, for example, gift, branded or protective);

  • labeling with special barcodes, according to which the product will be scanned and accepted on Amazon;

  • cargo inspection in order to reduce the number of returns from customers due to poor quality or insufficient equipment;

  • shipment of goods directly to Amazon warehouses without opening;

  • storage of goods during the period agreed with the client;

  • incoming and outgoing logistics;

  • express delivery courier services;

  • providing the client with a photo or video report;

  • pre-sale preparation, including verification of compliance of products with the requirements of a specific virtual platform;

  • cargo consolidation;

  • preparation of all necessary documentation;

  • customs clearance.

Special FBA stickers are used to eliminate loss and quickly identify the cargo. They hold information about the contents of each box and the number of the shipment. Compliance with the instructions for cargo clearance is monitored by employees of the Prep Center.

You need to take into account all fees, including the rate of preparing goods for shipment for calculating the approximate cost of services. It is also worth considering that urgent orders and cargo handling for special requests will cost more.

By contacting the Prep Center, you will receive the help of qualified employees who will prepare the goods for transportation, considering all the requirements of Amazon. It will save time – an important resource that affects the optimization of business processes.

Our benefits

By entrusting the management of logistics processes to professionals, you will be able to focus on other important aspects that allow you to succeed. Our clients are located in different countries, and we do our best to help them run a stable business. Prep Center processes orders around the clock, thanks to which the best option for cargo delivery is selected.

Transport and warehouse logistics of Amazon is at a high level. The number of FBA Prep Center ARDI Express customers is constantly growing due to the ease of service use, the ability to save valuable resources, optimize delivery times and the absence of the need to deal with customs clearance. FBA Prep Center is an Amazon approved logistics service provider. It can be considered a weighty argument confirming the reliability of the company. We will be glad to see you among our clients and will try to do our best so that you do not regret your choice.


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