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Trading platforms are actively developing due to the growing demand for online purchases. Commercial enterprises achieve success through outsourcing of logistics work. They have the opportunity to scale their business and pay more attention for attracting new customers and supporting regular ones. From anywhere in the world, entrepreneurs can use the services of a modern Ecommerce Fulfillment Warehouse ARDI Express.

Value Proposition

Timely execution of orders plays a big role. Customers will be satisfied by receiving prompt service. Even if your product is the best on the market, customer satisfaction will depend on your choice of a reliable Ecom fulfillment center. Therefore, successful sellers outsource order processing, warehousing and delivery.

The work of the ecommerce distribution center consists in receiving and processing warehouse orders, tracking their configuration, packaging that meets current standards, issuing invoices and delivering goods to the buyer. The logistics company ARDI Express offers a full range of services, including the return of goods to the warehouse, provided that for some reason it did not fit the buyer.

After the start of cooperation, the entrepreneur will have the opportunity to:

  • reduce the costs of organizing logistics processes;
  • lower expenses of maintaining warehouse staff and purchasing the necessary equipment;
  • pay only for the services rendered, taking into account the volume of the processed goods;
  • use the Fulfillment Service, which is provided promptly around the clock;
  • receive detailed report related to each stage of the supply chain.

Thanks to the use of modern software, ARDI Express guarantees high quality logistics services. Through the personal account, the client will be able to trace all the stages of order fulfillment from packaging and its scanning to dispatch.

Key characteristic

E-commerce Warehousing assumes high speed of logistics operations, a large range of stored and processed products. The processes of e-commerce are built in such a way that warehouse employees can complete an order in a short time, form an optimal route and send it to the buyer. Due to the operational work and providing everything necessary for it, sometimes several hours pass between the receipt of goods to the warehouse and its shipment. It is impossible without the use of modern software.

What are the software requirements:

  • rapid scaling of logistics processes;
  • high fault tolerance;
  • adaptation of the Warehousing and Fulfillment to the e-commerce system.

In addition to the warehouse space, the modern ARDI Express e-commerce warehouse has its own logistics Process Management System (WMS). It covers all incoming and outgoing operations, namely: getting the goods into the warehouse, its storage and tracking, picking, packaging and shipment.

With the help of WMS, the transparency of the supply chain is ensured. Information about inventory is transferred to the interface, which guarantees the availability of goods in stock before the order is placed. The software helps to inform customers about all stages of order processing.

The software affects the management of the placement and storage of goods in the warehouse, taking into account different weight and size characteristics. The WMS system builds different scenarios for the placement of goods, which are determined by the variety of the assortment of a particular seller.

WMS will help you make more effective decisions that influence business processes optimization. The software will identify groups of products with a high risk of return. ARDI Express organizes logistics operations in such a way as to minimize them.

WMS implementation has advantages that affect the optimization of business processes:

  • automation of warehouse operations;
  • improving the accuracy of order assembly;
  • the customer will always have information on the stock balances;
  • dependence on the human factor is reduced to minimal indicators;
  • the order processing speed is increasing;
  • accurate inventory calculation and optimization;
  • expiration dates are monitored.

Buying or renting the entire warehouse is impractical for most companies that are engaged in e-commerce. Logistics service provider ARDI Express optimizes warehousing and helps sellers of goods significantly save time. The company undertakes most of the time-consuming tasks. Using their services, the entrepreneur will have the opportunity to receive detailed reports that help to better understand the work of all links in the supply chain. Being an expert in the field of logistics, the provider is always aware of changes in any regulatory requirements.

Modern software supports high-speed warehouse operations even during periods of heavy loads. At the same time, the quality of the services provided remains unchanged.

Price formation

You need to take into account the terms of cooperation for calculating the cost of logistics provider services. The final cost will depend on the shelf life of the goods and the size of the cargo, which will determine the occupied area for placement. The price includes a fixed fee that the seller of the goods must pay for processing the order, as well as marking and packaging it. Before these processes, the goods are inspected, it also affects a slight increase in the cost of services. ARDI Express takes care of customs clearance of cargo and preparation of documents for shipment. A commission is charged for it.

Special customer requests and urgent orders, which must be processed within a limited time, are charged an additional fee. Contact the representatives of the logistics provider by phone or by filling out an online application for finding out the approximate calculation. As for the exact cost of the services rendered, it will be known after the signing of the cooperation agreement.

Our benefits

If your goal is to turn e-commerce store into a long-term business, ARDI Express will be glad to see you among its customers. By cooperating with us, you will save your resources and be able to focus on new achievements. Each company will have its own cooperation strategy developed depending on the intensity of receipts and shipments, as well as the turnover of stored goods.

Choosing the right logistics provider can be a crucial factor for successful business development. It will help to scale operations and optimize them in order to increase profits and reduce labor costs. ARDI Express monitors each stage of the logistics process from the moment the goods arrive at the warehouse until they are shipped. The company will be glad to see you among its customers. We will do everything possible so that you do not regret your choice.


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