8 August 2021

Today we’re talking with Amy Wees from Amazing at Home E-Commerce Consulting, about considerations for travel to the Canton Fair this October 2021.

Amy on a VIP sourcing tour at the Global Sources Show in Hong Kong, October 2019

Amazing in China

As one of the leading providers of China sourcing trips to the Canton Fair, Yiwu Market, and Global Sources, Amazing in China founder Amy Wees is no stranger to the requirements of traveling to China and exploring all of what China has to offer.  Unfortunately due to the pandemic, Amy’s China trips have been on hold since October of 2019. Since then, she has been hosting virtual visits to the Canton Fair in a private Facebook group.

Recently, the Canton Fair announced the 130th show this October would be held from October 15 to November 3 in an online and offline merged format. In this interview, we discuss what to expect and how to prepare for this trip.

Attending the 130th Canton Fair in China

ARDI: Hello Amy, thank you for taking the time to answer the questions of so many who have been asking about the considerations for attending the 130th Canton Fair in China in October of 2021. First, we’re curious if you’re attending this year with your Amazing in China trip?

Amy: Hello, thanks for having me. Although I LOVE taking people to China and visiting myself, with COVID-19 numbers on the rise again and more travel restrictions coming our way, we will be attending virtually in October and moving our next trip to the April 2022 timeframe.

ARDI: Makes sense. How can people who want to attend in person learn more about attending the Canton Fair?

Amy: Great question. I recommend first registering at the Canton Fair’s virtual platform and subscribing to the mailing list at . This site provides information on events, dates, and location, as well as the option to review the suppliers in attendance and their products.  Another area to review on the site is the news for the latest announcements at

Registration to the Canton Fair is free and you can either reuse your entry badge from a previous trip or you can pick up a new entry badge on arrival at the complex. Some hotels even offer badge pick-up stations in the hotel lobby and free shuttle service to and from the fair each day.

The Canton Fair complex has everything you need for food and drink, and although most suppliers speak English, you can hire a translator on-site and even set up a local bank account or mobile phone plan. It’s really fun to explore everything the Canton Fair has to offer and the staff is quite helpful with information booths everywhere to find everything you need and ask any questions.

The complex is the size of 3 large airports and the length of 217 football fields for walking distance. There’s wi-fi available and a navigation app to help you find the right suppliers for your category among the over 60,000 in attendance, as well as golf carts to help you zoom between buildings to make the most of your time there.

Amy’s husband and daughters in front of the massive Canton Fair Complex in October 2019Amy’s husband and daughters in front of the massive Canton Fair Complex in October 2019

ARDI: Awesome, what about the requirements for traveling to China during this increased restriction period.

Amy: These requirements are strict and changing constantly, but any foreigner traveling to China will first need a visa. So it’s important to review the requirements for applying for and receiving a Visa from your consulate. For those in the US, the New York China Consulate General is a great place to start

Also check various China travel websites as this will give you a view of what other travelers are doing. Here’s a great article on updates from China Highlights

It’s looking like travelers will need to be vaccinated with an approved Chinese vaccine, and will also have a mandatory 14 day quarantine period upon arrival. You’ll want to research the ever changing requirements and build this into your trip before the fair starts on October 15th.

You’ll also want to consider the reentry requirements of your own country before leaving, as the United States for example requires proof of a negative COVID test within 3 days before your flight arrives. This would require you to get tested in China before leaving. These requirements are also updated regularly so be sure to visit your country’s travel website for updates, such as

ARDI: I think that gives enough information about how to attend and what to consider. Thank you! How can people get in contact with you?

Amy and trip participants at the April 2019 Canton Fair ComplexAmy and trip participants at the April 2019 Canton Fair Complex

Amy: Thank you! Happy to provide the information, and looking forward to the next epic sourcing trip!

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