13 August 2021

Brandon Young at Seller Systems is a recognized Amazon expert and consultant, known for his in-depth knowledge of the ranking algorithm and ability to create data-based processes for FBA businesses.

He and his wife are on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. Their lives were forever changed when they founded Global Import US, Inc six years ago. They are now running their brands while also mentoring people through Seller Systems – an online course that helps entrepreneurs learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. Some of the few who can do both!

Brandon’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his personal life into all aspects of the business. He has been involved in eCommerce for over 14 years and continues to push the boundaries by learning everything he can about this ever-changing space.

“This business is hard, and it is only getting harder. Yet the opportunity is still better than ever. Those that are willing to work hard, learn and stay ahead of the curve will reap the success.

Due to the extreme container transportation increase, I would definitely be focusing on more profitable SKUs, I would also look at other places to manufacture, like South America and the US.

It’s more important than ever to make sure that you are doing proper profitability Analysis when doing your product research.”