lcl shipping

Used in transport logistics abbreviation LCL means incomplete filling of transport or warehouse units. They can be containers or vehicles designed for products transportation between certain destinations. LCL SHIPPING involves the cargoes delivery from different companies.

What Is LCL Shipping and How Does It Work?

By choosing lcl freight, suppliers can save money on cargo services. As a rule, that logistics way costs an order of magnitude cheaper, because the total cost is divided proportionally for all customers. It is advantageous to order lcl cargo when sending small batches, because a place in the container is reserved for each product. The rates include an additional expense for cargo handling. In the USA, it is often used by medium and small business.

The customer does not have the opportunity to choose the place of product in the container. The conditions can only be revised when placing goods that can ignite. The container is fully loaded by the forwarder. One of the important requirements is labeling, thanks to which goods from different manufacturers can be differentiated. The owner of the cargo receives a package of documents from the forwarder who carried out consolidation in the warehouse.

How to Prepare Your LCL Shipment for a Smooth Transition

When collecting cargo, the customer of a logistics company should pay special attention to safe packaging and proper labeling. What tips will help ensure a smooth transition:

1.  The packaging must meet the existing requirements. It depends on the type of products that will be shipped across the ocean. These can be dense carton boxes, wooden cases and pallets. Only strong packaging will help not to violate the integrity of the goods during transportation.

2.  Ensuring product safety. You will need a special packing tape to help ensure the sealing of the transported cases and boxes. You are also to take care of the availability of straps for attaching pallets or a protective shrink wrap.

3.  The packaging must have a label with the company name and necessary contact information. The departure list should also be given. If the condition is met, the transport company will be able to process the cargo quickly.

4.  It is important not to make a mistake in choosing a shipping company. First of all, you need to pay attention to the experience of providing logistics services.

5.  Shipment must be planned in advance. It guarantees the arrival of the goods on time.

6.  It is important to track the location of the cargo. It helps you quickly respond to any problems that may arise in the process.

Important! The marking should be applied in large font. Indelible ink is used for application. Non-dangerous cargo is marked with black color. Loads that may ignite are marked with red or orange ink.

LCL SHIPPINGWhat LTL contract carriers does ARDI Express work with and why?

The logistics company ARDI Express delivers goods from different regions of China to the Amazon warehouse in the USA. Each customer can track cargo transportation in a special section of the ARDI Express website.

ARDI Express chooses to cooperate with Amazon because it is the largest logistics company in the world. A powerful infrastructure allows it to reduce delivery rates. Representatives of the company provide full information support at all stages of the transportation process. Delivery to Amazon is carried out not only by sea, but also by air.

When Is LCL the Best Option?

Due to its cost-effectiveness, this delivery method is popular with beginning entrepreneurs and medium-sized businesses. They are attracted not only by the opportunity to save money on delivery. They can form the required batch volume and, subject to the conditions of transportation, be sure of its safety.


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