Thanks to the government’s diversification program, which is aimed at reducing the dependence of the UAE economy on oil and gas, favorable conditions for import and export are being created there. Favorable geographical location of the UAE has become one of the key factors that have made the country recognized as a developed international trade center. Exports from China to the Middle East are increasing from year to year. Shipments are carried out through the UAE, which is considered to be a global transit point. ARDI EXPRESS helps to optimize the shipping from China to the UAE and make it as easy as possible for both parties.

How to Ship from China to the UAE

The choice of the shipping method depends, first of all, on the deadlines set. If the cargo needs to be delivered urgently, then it is worth registering air freight. In any case, you will have to wait a couple of days until all the necessary documents for import are processed. You will have to pay several times more for fast delivery.

Therefore, if you are not limited by time frames, you can save a lot. Ocean freight is considered the most budget-friendly and common option. China to Dubai shipping time will take about 25-36 days. The cost directly depends on the destination and the volume of freight.

Do not forget about the dependence of freight rates on additional product characteristics. If the product is perishable, it will need to be cooled. As a result, the cost of delivery will increase. Shipping cost from China to UAE varies depending on the weight and overall characteristics of the cargo. Not all bulky goods can be shipped by air. Freight rates will be increased when shipping oversized cargo that requires the use of non-standard containers.

Import Customs Clearance In UAE

In order to simplify cargo registration processes and avoid the need to delve into the rules of chartering ships, most export and import companies entrust customs clearance to forwarders. They will analyze the cost reduction and find the best way to send.

The freight forwarder will help to make a list of documents that must be signed by the Seller and sent together with the cargo. You can find detailed information about them on this page.

In the absence of non-standard situations, the following set of documents will be in demand:

·         invoice;

·         packing list;

·         a document indicating the country of origin of the imported goods (the amount of customs duty and the availability of benefits will depend on it);

·         a letter of credit is an obligation (a payment mechanism that is used to provide guarantees of the creditworthiness of the exporter’s bank) or other payment terms;

·         bill of lading (ocean freight) or air waybill (ARDI EXPRESS takes care of the execution of these documents).

Customs clearance in some cases may require the submission of additional documents. They include licenses, official permits and certificates for the goods. When requesting these documents at customs, the freight forwarder will help solve the issues.

Import Tax And Duties In UAE

According to the current legislation of the UAE, import tax is levied only on those goods whose value exceeds 1000 dirhams. This amount corresponds to $272. The import tax will be 5% of the total amount.

Its own legislative system regulates activities in free trade zones. They are exempt from import tax. Provided that the business is officially registered in one of these zones, no tax will be charged.

What should be taken into account when organizing import to the UAE:

  • where the consignee’s company is registered (mainland or free zone);

  • shipping method;

  • destination.

Importing alcohol is subject to a 50% duty, and tobacco products are subject to a 100% duty.

What is the Best Way to Ship from China to the Dubai?

Sometimes air freight may be as economical as ocean way. In addition, it will take much less time. We are talking about the transportation of cargo weighing no more than 100 kg. In other cases, it is more favorable to ship goods from China by sea.

It should also be taken into account that Ship Freight does not provide services for the transportation of goods in the weight category of less than 35 kg. Cargo delivery is possible only if there are individual arrangements. Prices need to be checked with couriers and carriers.

Air Freight From China To Dubai

The fastest way to deliver goods from China to the UAE is considered to be air transportation. Using the services of a freight forwarder, you will be able to avoid problems with paperwork at customs. The logistics company will deliver the cargo to the UAE airport in 7 days. It is preferable to choose air freight if you need to forward a perishable product or goods that require delicate treatment. The choice of such a delivery method will guarantee the preservation of quality.

In addition to reducing travel time, air freight has a number of advantages:

  1. Consolidated cargo or FCL is not sent by plane. Due to this, loading and unloading costs are significantly reduced.

  2. An increased level of security, which is guaranteed by the carrier.

  3. Cargo insurance will be cheaper – this is due to less travel time.

However, you will have to pay well for the fast service and flexible conditions provided by the carrier.

Sea Freight Shipping Container From China To Dubai

The most common method of delivery is considered to be sea freight. Commercial cargo is usually shipped this way. In order not to make a mistake in choosing a container, the nature of the goods should be taken into account. The freight forwarder will help you choose the most suitable option for height and other characteristics. What types of containers are used:

  • elevated and half height;

  • refrigerated;

  • having an open top;

  • equipped units with flat racks.

It will be recommended to choose the best container type after providing the forwarder with all the necessary information about the cargo.

In the field of import-export operations related to maritime transport, it is customary to use two terms FCL and LCL. Provided that it is planned to send a large batch of goods, which will require a whole container, then FCL is reserved. In this case, the container will be designed for one consignee. It is not necessary that it be completely filled with cargo. Even if the loading is partial, but if the condition of belonging to one recipient is met, the cargo is considered FCL.

Payment for the rental and transportation of a container at FCL for its exclusive use is charged at a fixed rate. In some cases, a full container cost from China to Dubai may be cheaper compared to sending bulk cargo. It is especially true for the transportation of heavy bulky goods.

When a batch of goods does not differ in impressive volumes and will not be able to occupy the entire container, the consignee is recommended to reserve a certain place in it. It will carry cargo from different recipients. The term LCL is used to designate this type of transportation. The cost of LCL is the cheapest one. The consignee receives such an advantage when making an LCL: he does not need to pay for the full container, but only a part of it. It makes sense to use this type of delivery when sending small batches of goods.

Door-To-Door Delivery To Dubai

The logistics company ARDI EXPRESS will help to organize the transportation of goods in any convenient way. In particular, you can order a door-to-door delivery from us to the Amazon warehouse, which is located in Dubai. The recipient of the goods can also get the goods at any other address in the UAE. The cost of delivery will be increased by including fees for online platform services.

The duty is imposed on all orders imported from other countries, the amount of which exceeds 300 dirhams. The recipients must pay an additional 5% of the cost of the goods.


Thanks to many years of experience, ARDI EXPRESS guarantees providing international shipping services at a high level. Regardless of how long your company has been importing or exporting goods, we are ready to help optimize logistics processes.

What we promise our customers:

  • round-the-clock online support before and after sending;

  • competitive prices for cargo freight from China to Dubai by sea or by air;

  • express shipments;

  • registration of documents for fast customs clearance;

  • cargo package and labeling;

  • quality control;

  • assistance in choosing suitable containers;

  • long storage (3500 pallets places in the warehouse Amazon);

  • cross-docking;

  • consulting in the transportation of dangerous or oversized goods.

If you are looking for a reliable forwarder who will help organize the import of goods from China to the UAE, please contact ARDI EXPRESS. We offer all types of fright services and will do our best to meet your expectations. Detailed information can be found by leaving an online application.


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