Shipping from UK to USA

shipping uk to usaThe goods can be delivered by air, sea or express couriers. The delivery time and the shipping cost from the UK to the USA depends on the chosen method. The maximum period is usually two weeks. The cost depends inversely on the speed. The higher the speed, the more expensive.

How to Ship from UK to the USA

The choice depends on how quickly you need to deliver the cargo. If there is no hurry, it is better to choose sea transportation, because they are cheaper. If you need to deliver urgently, you will have to overpay and it is better to choose express delivery by courier.

Shipping Time from the UK to the US

The shipping from UK to USA time depends on the chosen delivery method. If you put the methods in place depending on the speed, then express delivery by courier is in the lead. In second place, you can put air transportation. The slowest way is sea transportation. The speed of delivery in various ways:

  • Delivery by courier – from 1 day to 2 weeks;

  • Air transportation – from 1 to 2 weeks;

  • Sea transportation – from 6 to 7 weeks.

Import Factors from the UK to the US

The UK and the US have close economic ties, so imports are well established. United Kingdom shipping to the USA is fast, because there is no need to fill out and provide a large package of documents. In principle, the system is so well established that the goods only need to pass customs.

Best Way to Ship from the UK to the US?

Trade relations between the United Kingdom and the United States have been developing for centuries, so a strong alliance has been established between the countries.

For sellers from the UK, this means that they can use affordable and fast methods of cargo transportation to the USA.

It is impossible to specify the best way to deliver cargo from the UK to the USA, because several factors need to be taken into account here: the size of the cargo, cost and delivery time. It is better to deliver small parcels by express couriers. So fast, and it won’t cost too much. But large shipments of goods are too expensive to send in this way, so it is better to use standard sea transportation. It may take longer, but it’s cheaper. Air transportation is also much faster than transportation by sea. This method is preferred large entrepreneurs who have to deliver huge shipments of goods overseas.

Air Freight From UK to the US

Air transportation can be placed in second place in terms of transportation speed.

The cargo is delivered to any specified US city. From the departure airport to the destination airport, delivery takes from six to seven days.

At the airport, the cargo has yet to go through customs. It usually takes a couple of days. The customer is required to coordinate the movement of cargo. Many companies can deliver the goods by truck from the airport to the warehouse.

  • As a rule, air freight takes from one to two weeks. The cargo first arrives at the airport, then passes customs, and only then it is sent to the warehouse or to the specified destination.

  • It is best used when the cost of delivery is less than 15-20% of the cost of the goods.

  • It is faster, safer and more reliable than sea transportation, but it is also more expensive: sea transportation for $195 can cost $1,000 by air.

  • Airlines also have stricter regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials.

These services are suitable for expensive products with a critical but not immediate lead time. This also works well for products with a short shelf life, but longer than a couple of weeks.

Sea Freight Shipping Container From UK to the US

The slowest delivery method is sea freight. The cargoes that are going to be sent from the UK to the USA are collected at the seaport for export. In the same place, all cargo passes mandatory customs. The journey from the seaport of departure to the port of destination takes from two to three weeks. Sea transportation usually takes from six to seven weeks.

  • They offer a large capacity.

  • They are usually much slower than by air, and customs issues and port delays can cause additional delays.

Door-To-Door Delivery to the USA

Express delivery is a service of prompt (high-speed) delivery of various categories of goods and documents from door to door.

The advantages of express delivery have made it a popular service for businesses in various fields. Couriers are ordered to deliver correspondence, equipment and appliances, clothes, shoes. The main advantage of the services is that they minimize the participation of the customer in the organization of sending parcels. A business representative or an individual needs to contact the courier, call him to his home or office and transfer the cargo. His further actions are limited only to tracking the shipment.

The courier service takes over the rest of the functions:

  • Professionally pack the cargo. This is necessary not only for safety, ensuring tightness, but also reducing the volume of the parcel to the maximum possible so that the customer does not pay for air. Each shipment is hermetically packed to prevent damage and access by third parties. The courier service is also responsible for the parcel (this item is necessarily included in the contract).

  • The promptness of sending and delivering the cargo directly to the address. These are excellent opportunities for companies that have urgent tasks and their reputation and business opportunities depend on the efficiency of their solution.

  • Increased comfort for the customer. The sender and recipient do not need to leave their home or office. Courier delivery works on a door-to-door basis.

  • Customs clearance. One of the time-consuming and attention-demanding stages when sending to another country.

A big plus of the courier service (and unlike the transport companies that compete with it in the field of express delivery) is the processing of not only cargo, but business correspondence, so it is of great interest to companies that regularly face logistical challenges.

This option is also ambiguous, since the timing may vary depending on the conditions. The cargo can be delivered to the recipient as early as the next business day. But sometimes it takes two weeks.


ARDI Express is a freight forwarder UK to USA. The main advantages are:

  • Observe the delivery time. The cars leave the warehouses on a weekly schedule, so the goods are not delayed and arrive at the destination customs on time. If the flight is not fully staffed, it will still leave at the appointed time.

  • Guarantees of safety. Guarantee the safety of cargo and packaging. Organize additional packaging, crating and separation of goods when placed on transport. They control loading and unloading. We always follow the rules of cargo transportation.

  • Rate guarantees. Do not change the prices for delivery after loading, if the weight, volume and characteristics of the cargo correspond to those stated in the documents. Fix the rates before the start of transportation. Tariffs and working conditions are prescribed in the documents.

  • Reputation. Experts know from their own experience how difficult it is to deliver goods, so they do everything possible to simplify delivery and customs clearance for participants.

ARDI Express is a reliable and inexpensive solution for shipping from England to the USA. Delivery will arrive on time without problems or delays.


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