SHIPPING FRANCE TO USALogistics is a very important part of international business and human activity in general. Without transport companies, it will be impossible to transport physical goods either between neighboring cities or between distant continents.

How to Ship from France to the USA

Foreign economic activities are inevitably connected with the issues of customs clearance of goods. What kind of transport for international transportation is more profitable and will require less time to pass customs procedures?

The following factors influence the choice:

  • the shelf life of the goods;

  • the need to comply with special conditions;

  • dimensions and weight;

  • features of the place;

  • specific requirements.

Choosing suitable carriers and building a competent logistics system will ensure effective international trade and successfully develop business.

Estimate Shipping Cost from France to USA

The cost of shipping from France to the USA may vary depending on the place, the chosen method, size and weight. The most expensive way is courier services. If you need to deliver something urgently, then it’s better to choose this option.

The cheapest way of shipping from France to the US is shipping by sea. This method also takes a lot of time. If there is no hurry or you have a huge batch of goods. it is better to choose this method.

There is a price list on the website of transportation companies, from which you can find out France to US shipping cost and compare conditions.

Customs Clearance and Shipping

The most difficult moment is the customs clearance of goods. This requires working with documentation, good awareness of the latest updates in customs legislation. The most minor mistakes in the preparation of a package of documents can affect the passage of customs control and subsequent sale of goods on the market.

You can simplify the task by choosing the right delivery company.

Best Way to Ship from France to the US?

The main criteria when choosing a method are speed and price. Customers can not worry about safety, because companies offer optimal conditions and take into account all the features.

  • Air is the fastest way to deliver cargo from one country to another, there is no need to carefully work out the route. But the cost is high.

  • Marines are usually chosen to deliver to another continent and at the same time the timing does not matter. The cost of package forwarding from France to the USA is relatively low. But sea vessels are not suitable for urgent delivery.

  • Express is characterized by high speed, maneuverability and high cost.

Air Freight from France to the US

International air transportation — today, in foreign economic activity, it is often very important to observe the time frame, because otherwise it can lead to financial losses and other adverse consequences for business. When the cargo needs to be delivered promptly and as quickly as possible, an effective solution will be to order services for international air transportation of goods. The path is direct, so there will be no stops or delays.

Undoubtedly, an important advantage of air freight is the fact that it is the fastest option for transporting goods from one country to another. For example, shipping time from France to the US is about half a day. This option is the simplest, since the plane flies directly. There is no need to calculate features or choose the most optimal path. In addition, if the cargo is fragile or it is better not to touch it once again, then this option is acceptable, since it can be loaded into the plane and then taken out at the place of arrival.

This option is ideal if you have to work with perishable products. All precautions will be taken. The only problem is the possibility of cancellation or postponement of the flight due to weather conditions. Although here the company takes into account all risks and is ready to compensate for all losses, only if the cancellation is not caused by force majeure.

Sea Freight Shipping Container from France to the US

Sea freight is an excellent way to deliver oversized cargo or large shipments over long distances. The shipments are an inexpensive way to deliver goods, but it is quite slow.

Sea transportation is very popular because it has such advantages over other methods of delivery of goods:

  • Low cost. It is the cheapest way to transport goods. This is due to the fact that sea transport needs much less energy and, accordingly, fuel.

  • Sea transport is universal. Oil, metals, construction materials, and various industrial raw materials can be transported by sea. Transportation of particularly heavy, bulky and long-length cargo by sea is not a problem.

  • Thanks to modern technologies, the process of loading and unloading sea containers has become very simple and fast. It is also worth considering that the contents of containers can be absolutely anything (for example, liquids, glass, equipment, etc.).

Door-To-Door Delivery to the USA

The essence of this method is to take the company under its responsibility for all the worries and control of all stages. The company will provide:

  • Calculation;

  • Selection of the optimal route and transport;

  • Collection of all documents;

  • The transportation and control;

  • Delivery directly to the final destination.

Many years of experience suggests that this formula is very convenient for customers, because they trust their valuables in the hands of a reliable team of specialists, and can rest assured that everything is going according to a clear plan.


Ardi Express is a company that has proven itself very well in the international cargo transportation market. Employees are honest, responsible and competent people. Thanks to many years of successful experience, Ardi Express is pleased to offer customers high-quality logistics and transport services at a favorable cost. The main advantages of cooperation with the center are:

  • Optimal prices.

  • Qualified personnel who follow global trends in the field of transportation to international destinations.

  • Competently developed methods of working.

  • Availability of proven transport routes.

  • The use of only modern equipment.

  • Insurance of the transported property and guarantee of the safety of the transported cargo.

  • Timely delivery regardless of the complexity and type of cargo.

  • Possibility to order additional services (including those related to customs clearance and cargo certification).

  • Contacts with foreign partners.

  • Experience working.

  • The opportunity to receive additional services, or to include special conditions.

  • Bonuses and discounts.

The company has a license to carry out sea, air transportation and courier deliveries. They guarantee you fast and high-quality delivery. In addition, in case of doubt, experts will help you choose the most convenient and correct method, taking into account all the conditions and data provided. For all the time of its existence, the organization has already managed to deliver more than a thousand cargoes and parcels. A good reputation and customer reviews are the best indicators of good work.


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