SHIPPING ITALY TO USALong-distance transportation, which can also be carried out between the two countries, forms the basis of economic international relations. The services of carriers have become available not only for large businesses, but also for small and medium-sized ones.

How to Ship from Italy to the USA

It all depends on the type of cargo, its volume, the final and starting point, the time you have. There are no better ways — there are those that are best suited in a given situation.

Each method has its pros and cons. Speed is the best characteristic of courier delivery to your home or office, but if you want to choose a cheaper option, it is better to pay attention to shipping by sea.

Estimate Shipping Cost from Italy to USA

The shipping cost from Italy to the USA depends on the size, destination and departure type of transport. It is difficult to immediately name the exact value, it is important to take into account all the parameters. Usually, the exact amount is called after they have decided on the type, volume and location.

Customs Fees, Tariffs, and Cost of Shipping from Italy

The price of shipping from Italy to the US is influenced by many factors. Some of them are mandatory and more expensive, others work only for certain types.

The factors that form the shipping from Italy to USA cost are:

  • Type. Air transportation is better to choose in cases where the speed of delivery is crucial. Shipping by sea is a profitable option, it is chosen for non-urgent deliveries of large batches of goods. Express services are expensive, but you pay for the urgency.

  • Location. The longer the route is more expensive. Fuel is not cheap. In addition, the staff responsible for the work should be paid regularly.

  • Volume. It depends on how much packaging and packaging materials will be spent on shipping.

  • Additional conditions. Customers often ask to add a certain clause to the contract. Naturally, special conditions require additional payment.

Best Way to Ship from Italy to the US?

This is the most popular method in large businesses. The fact is that lots are transported in huge quantities. Of course, they won’t arrive in a day or two, but it’s safe and easy. Shipping from Italy to the USA is influenced by several parameters.

  • Characteristics. The weight, size, its danger and other parameters can become decisive. Everything is checked for length, width and weight. This plays a big role, since non-compliance with the specified parameters can play a cruel joke, and the shipment simply will not take place.

  • The distance is also one of the determining factors.

  • Conditions of carriage. Some goods require special storage and transportation conditions, for example, food, medicines, dangerous goods, etc. The transportation of such goods is carried out in appropriate vehicles that ensure their safety. Transport for international delivery is selected taking into account the standard period of transportation.

  • Urgency. If you need an urgent package, couriers can deliver it literally within one working day.

The best ways are:

  •  Express delivery. It allows you to deliver goods literally “to the door” even to the most remote settlements. Remember that this option is not suitable for large parties in any way. First of all, it’s too complicated. Secondly, you won’t want to pay so much yourself, only if you don’t have time left.

  • Air. Goods are delivered by air in the shortest possible time. It is expensive, but it is optimally suited for transporting products with a short shelf life, as well as for urgent deliveries.

  • Sea. By water, it is possible to transport different types of cargo to any continent inexpensively. The shipping from Italy to US price is low. In some cases, due to the dependence on the weather and low speed, it is impractical to transport products on this type of transport.

Air Freight from Italy to the US

Air freight does not require careful study of the route and the optimal path. The goods are delivered to the airport by the sender from the warehouse and received in the arrival area by the customer, while significantly saving time. Even the longest flight will not take more than a day. Another advantage of air travel is the minimization of transit problems. The cargo does not require any additional customs clearance.

But there is a huge disadvantage – the high cost. If you have to regularly send huge batches, then this option is unlikely to suit you.

Sea Freight Shipping Container from Italy to the US

Sea transport is popular for a number of reasons:

  • low shipping cost;

  • the possibility of sending over long distances;

  • the only alternative to airplanes when transporting between continents;

  • a wide geography of supplies.

The disadvantage of sea freight is low speed. Often the cargo goes for a month or even more, but for many types of goods this is not a problem.

Door-To-Door Delivery to the USA

Express delivery in the minds of many people is associated with speed and reliability, while “regular” delivery automatically becomes slow. The growing popularity of fast express delivery is due to the fact that regular delivery often fails.

There are some differences between these types of mail shipments. That is why customers have the opportunity to choose and give preference to one or another option.

Pros of using fast parcel delivery include:

  • High speed. This type has an expanded network and an equipped fleet, and therefore goods can be delivered in a multimodal manner. Additional costs in this case fall on the shoulders of the customer, but, as a rule, they are minimal. Sometimes it’s worth overpaying for delivery, rather than worrying about the integrity and safety of your cargo.

  • Increased comfort for the customer. The sender and recipient do not need to leave the apartment or office. Courier delivery works on a door-to-door basis.

  • Integrity. Another feature of this type of parcel transportation is the guarantee that the cargo will arrive unharmed.

  • Round-the-clock work. Couriers deliver parcels right at the door. The cargo is delivered on time and at the time that you personally planned.

Packaging is an important factor determining the safety of the parcel. The main task of express delivery is to bring your cargo as it should be. Therefore, the packaging for each product is selected individually.


International transportation and related services are in demand by individuals and legal entities. Ardi Express works with private customers, state-owned companies, individual entrepreneurs and other foreign trade participants. Commercial transportation for online stores, delivery of foreign purchases, moving to another country by private and legal entities, delivery of equipment and machinery are available.

Thanks to their considerable experience, Ardi Express takes into account all the nuances of logistics, including the specifics of the region, guarantees compliance, terms, storage conditions, as well as:

  • compliance with legislation;

  • tracking shipments at any stage;

  • affordable prices;

  • individual approach and calculation of the optimal option, taking into account the conditions provided;

  • door-to-door delivery.

The company takes care that each parcel arrives to the addressee as quickly and safely as possible. Transportation to popular and rare international destinations is carried out with a guarantee of optimal delivery schemes and routes


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